What Is Elys?

Elys was created with one vision in mind – let your loved ones continue to receive messages, photos, video, and documents after you pass. Elys allows you to schedule content to be delivered on chosen dates. At Elys we believe we only have a small amount of time to say everything we need to say. The reality is that most of us run out of time. Elys gives you the opportunity to continue to share your legacy even after you are gone.

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We secure your messages

We realize each and every message is significant to our members. These personal messages are stored and secured until their release dates. Each member can have the peace of mind in knowing that the integrity and privacy of their content is protected.

You select the send dates

You control the schedule when each message is released. Imagine your loved ones receiving a heartfelt message from you on a significant date chosen by you. The opportunity to impact those you leave behind is extraordinary.

Include pictures, videos, and documents

Imagine leaving a video of yourself reading a bedtime story to your grandchildren. Imagine wishing your daughter a happy birthday. Imagine cooking your favorite recipe to be passed down to future generations. Imagine writing your sister a letter asking her to forgive you for letting too many years go by without talking. Just imagine the possibilities.

Leave behind your legacy for your loved ones

How we leave people behind matters

Our goal is to provide healing and hope. Whether death is expected or unexpected, Elys gives us the opportunity to plan and prepare so nothing we want to say is left unsaid. The power of our personal messages resonates with the recipient in ways we can never imagine. 

Easy and simple

  • Easy to use
  • Safe and secure
  • Personal and heartfelt

How Elys Began

Danitza Borges


Elys was conceptualized in 2016, when my son was ready to leave for college. I remember thinking, had I shared everything I needed to say to him should something happen to me? The answer was no. Elys was developed because how we leave people behind matters.

Create your legacy

Your existence matters to those you leave behind. Elys is here to give you the opportunity to plan and prepare so nothing you want to say is left unsaid.