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How many of us desire to hear the voice, laughter, and wisdom of a loved one who has passed? With Elys, our loved ones don’t have to desire or wish for one more connection or one more special moment. Elys gives us all a choice to leave a living personal legacy. Sending messages becomes so much more powerful when it is done with intent and purpose. Elys offers a secure platform to schedule your messages. We are honored to protect your legacy until it is ready to be shared with your family, friends, and community. We believe the messages left behind have the power to change humanity’s future.

Your legacy—made easy

Create an account, upload your content, schedule your messages, update when necessary, and leave Elys to do the rest.

How Elys Began

Danitza Borges


Elys was conceptualized in 2016. When my son was ready to leave for college, I remember thinking had I shared everything I needed to say to him should something happen to me? The answer was no. Elys was developed because how we leave people behind matters.

Create your legacy

Your existence matters to those you leave behind. Elys is here to give you the opportunity to plan and prepare so nothing you want to say is left unsaid.