Getting started

Capture and secure your legacy in four easy steps. Don’t let your lifetime escape you. Don’t assume they know. Take control of what you leave behind. Sign up today.


Create an account

In just a few minutes you can create an account, select a plan, choose recipients, and upload content. Rest assured that your legacy will reach your loved ones after you pass.

Say what needs to be said today. Don’t wait for tomorrow.


Create your custom messages

Whether death is expected or unexpected, Elys gives you the opportunity to plan and prepare so nothing we want to say goes unsaid. Create heartfelt, custom messages to send to your loved ones so you never stop telling them you love them.

We secure your custom messages

We realize each and every message is significant to our members. These personal messages are stored and secured until their release dates. Each member can have the peace of mind in knowing that the integrity and privacy of their content is protected.

Include pictures, video, or documents

Imagine leaving a video of yourself reading a bedtime story to your grandchildren. Imagine wishing your daughter a happy birthday. Imagine cooking your favorite recipe to be passed down to future generations. Imagine writing your sister a letter asking her to forgive you for letting too many years go by without talking. Just imagine the possibilities.


Choose your special dates

Who needs to hear from you?

Who needs to hear your voice?

Plan on sending messages on significant dates. You can recognize significant dates by sending custom messages. Your connection to others doesn’t have to end.


Be at peace

  • Easy to use
  • Safe and secure
  • Personal and heartfelt

Create your legacy

Your existence matters to those you leave behind. Elys is here to give you the opportunity to plan and prepare so nothing you want to say is left unsaid.